We offer precise milling, turning and cutting services using CNC machines. We manufacture details from steel, stainless steel, aluminum,  copper, bronze and all sorts of plastics. We specialize in CNC cutting, among others: flat gaskets for flange connections, rubber, silicone, PTFE and other plastics.


High-quality machinery shop that provides excellent precision


Experienced team of specialists with many years of experience


Advanced technologies in the process of materials processing


Cooperation with recognized and reputable producers

HSP machining supplies European and American customers with high quality products. Our goal is to build solid relationships based on trust with customers and suppliers. We produce precise details, solutions for industrial applications, robotics, automotive, various machine and equipment technologies. Thanks to our team of experienced technologists and modern production plant, we offer innovative programming solutions for CNC machines that save time and material which largely translates into the economy of the final product. Many years of experience translates into cooperation and a path to mutual success.

Our offer includes numerical control of small and medium series as well as the production of prototypes from various metal materials and plastics. Our expertise includes long turned parts, deep hole drilling, micro-drilling holes from 0.10 mm, assembly work.

Thanks to the support of selected suppliers in the field of surface treatment and heat treatment processes, we supply ready-to assemble precision parts, molds, etc. We provide competent, fast and flexible order fulfillment in accordance with the highest quality requirements. much appreciate any correction mate.

Our Mission

HSPmachining’s mission is the continuous development of a stable and experienced partner on the market.

What is CNC machining?

CNC technology allows for very accurate and precise processing of materials. The big advantage of this kind of solution is the ability to automate the entire process using CNC machines. Currently, many elements are produced in series, so that their use ensures the right production speed, each CNC machine movement is controlled by an external computer, ensuring precision and repeatability of the components.

What materials can be made CNC turning, milling and cutting?

Steel / stainless steel / aluminum / bronze / copper / plastics / wood / gasket plates

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